Core Values

Nicole Laidler Core Values

More than just words... 

> Honour the truth

> Respect the individual

> Relationships of trust

> Commitment to excellence

> Passion for learning

> Integrity


> To be the chosen freelance writer and copywriter for English-language publications, marketing agencies, business owners and entrepreneurs. To serve clients using words that clearly and powerfully communicate their identity and message, enhance their visibility, support their goals, improve their financial success, and impact the communities that support them.


> To cheerfully create impactful, easy-to-read, accurate, and engaging features, story-based marketing copy, B2B marketing copy, inbound marketing copy, website copy and blogs. To support editors, marketing agencies, business owners and entrepreneurs to fulfill their mission and attain their business and personal goals.  


> People connect with people, and want to do business with people.  But many individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs struggle to find the words to express themselves in a way that is authentic, impactful, and clear.

This prevents them from truly connecting with others, limiting their financial success and their ability to make a positive impact in the greater community.

Through my mission, I use the power of words to help people find their voice, start conversations, and share their story with the world - whether they are selling a product, offering a service, or sharing a life experience.

My Story

Nicole Laidler Core Values Mission and Vision
My name is Nicole Laidler and I am the owner of Spilled Ink Writing & Wordsmithing.

I was born in Manchester, England. When I was four, my family emigrated to London, Ontario when my father accepted a job at the University of Western Ontario. My first months in Canada were spent on the shores of Lake Huron living in a tiny yellow cottage as we waited for our home to be finished. I will never forget the rusty swing set in the sand dunes or the taste of my first Ontario peach.

As a professor of economics, my father was able to take sabbatical leave. Growing up, I was blessed to live and attend school in Konstanz, Germany as well as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

An only child, I spent hours writing poetry - but music was my first love. Words expressed my private thoughts and feelings; music was how I connected with others.

I taught myself to play the recorder in Grade 2, and eventually convinced my parents I needed a teacher. When I began high school, I was handed an oboe and was hooked on the double-reed. After studying music for three years at McGill University it was time to explore the world. I set out with my boyfriend, our instruments, a tent, and two bicycles for a trip across Europe. We pedaled from London to Athens, crossing the Massif Central mountain range and filling our water bottles with red wine along the Côtes du Rhône.

After a winter in Crete our savings had run out. Heading home, we arrived in Assisi, Italy during Easter week, gave busking a try and never looked back. For the next five years we performed at festivals and for private events in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and England.

When it was time to settle down I returned to London, alone, with plans to attend the University of Ottawa for a degree in arts administration.

A walk with my parent’s dog would once again change the course of my life when I met a boxer called Caesar and his equally charming owner. I stayed in London, completing an honors degree in Arts Administrative Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

I learned that I could crunch numbers as well as any budding accountant, but missed having a creative outlet. On a whim, I applied for the Masters in Journalism program – the shortest MA I could find. I wrote for anyone who would take my words, created a small portfolio, and was accepted.  

The listening-skills I developed as a musician, my natural curiosity, and my desire to connect with others had finally found a home!

Life took another unexpected turn when I began a new adventure as a single-mother to my 11-year-old son and our 120 lb. Newfoundland dog.

Today, I use my life-long love of words to help my clients find their voice, whether they are sharing personal or professional stories, explaining complicated ideas, or serving others through their products and services.   

Ready to spill some ink? Then let's talk!
Contact me at (519) 870-3111 or nicole [at] spilledink [dot] ca