Media release writing packages

Media release writing
Make news with the media release maven 

You may have heard that the days of the media release, or press release, are over. I’d like to respectfully disagree. 

A well-written and properly-timed press release is still a powerful way to let members of the media know you have a story that’s worth sharing. With shrinking news rooms, you actually do journalists a favour by providing them with content that is good-to-go. 

An effective press release is not about selling your new product or services, or promoting an upcoming event – although these may be great reasons to send one out. It is about finding an angle that answers the question: “Why should I care?”

That’s where I come in. I’ve worked on both sides of the media and can help you find that compelling hook. 


As a media release maven, I can:

> Identify the strongest angle for your story
> Craft the catchy headline
> Answer the who, what, when, where and whys
> Include compelling quotes to give your news a human face
> Suggest additional multimedia content, like photos and videos
> Ensure your company information and contact information is correct (and not forgotten!)

We’ll also work together to determine who your media release should be sent to, and when it should go out. 

The fine print

I'd be lying if I promised that your press release will be picked up. No one can give you that guarantee. But if it doesn’t ‘hit’ you can still use it as a blog, post it on your website's news section, and choose the most compelling bits to create buzz on your social media channels. 

I’m offering my media release writing services for $350.00 per press release.

Or buy a package of four releases for $1,200.00. (Arts organizations looking for more coverage throughout the season – this one’s designed with you in mind!)

Interested in making some news? Then let's talk!
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